This proposed footprint is subject to change as we are still figuring out the best use of the space.

The original layout was 6ft by 3ft (18sqft), and with the new accusation of an additional 82sqft, the new layout will:

  • The original 6×3 bench will be incorporated (shown in room).
  • Support 3 operators.
  • Have 2 yards (Salida & Sargents).
  • An around-the-room cross-over mountain route with the Marshall Pass tunnel.
  • A helix to a 9-foot staging yard and an operatable classification yard under Salida.
  • A 23-foot 3.5% grade run (3rd level) up to a logging camp with a run-around track.
  • Modular Box Benchwork.

We are ready for the benchwork.