I built the benchwork in a modular format to make it easier to move if needed. There are 5 modules added to the benchwork from the previous Table Top. Right now, I am using temporary “legs” to make sure everything fits, and I like the heights I have chosen. Deck heights will be 50″ in Salida and 42″ in Sargents. This will put the Log camp 16″ above Sargents at 58″ AG.

The mountain run will be set at 38,” and I will raise the track using a cookie-cutter style sub-roadbed. This will give me an open frame so that I can:

  • Loop over itself
  • Add in the river
  • Drop down to Sargents
  • Drop down under Sargents to the helix
  • Add in the mountain pass for Marshall Pass
  • Add in the mountainous terrain

And yes, unfortunately, the TV has to go!