#479 The Shavano, Doyle, CO Nov 24, 1940

#494 (2-8-2) Marshall Pass Excursion (Westside) Sept 18, 1948

#489 exiting Marshall Pass Eastside Snowshed 1955

#1156 K-36 class 2-8-2 "Mikado" along the Arkansas Sept 3, 1939

Welcome to Widow Creek

Modeling the Denver & Rio Grande Western

Marshall Pass Route from Salida to Sargents
Last Updated: September 14, 2023 12:00 pm (CDT)

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The Drawing Board

Layout Research

Scope of Work
What to Know

Mar 20, 2023

Track Plan
In Progress

Mar 20, 2023

Three Operator

Mar 5, 2023

Benchwork Dimensions

Mar 5, 2023


Mar 1, 2023


Mar 24, 2023

Current Blog Posts

The Art in the Details

The Art in the Details

As modelers, we pay attention to everyday life’s small details and oddities and try replicating those in our scenery.

Engineer for a Day

Engineer for a Day

I found some old photos from my trip through the Feather River Canyon, where I had the opportunity to operate the WP 921-D F7 in the Portola Yard!

The Dispatcher

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  1. Happy to meet you at Plano train show! Looking forward to you coming by
    Texarkana in the summer to see the progress on my 8X16 layout.

    • Always cool meeting new modelers. How’s your layout coming, have you started yet?

  2. I have not considered a modular for a more permanent layout. I love the idea, and my husband and I are rethinking our plans for our basement. Where did you get the corner clamps?

    • They are on Amazon ( https://amzn.to/3mvKcJg ) and are $28 for a pair or $55 for all 4. I have built many different tables and modules, and these clamps are the best way to get a true corner, especially when working alone.

    • I’m in a rental and also chose the modular benchwork. It’s much easier to relocate when we buy.

  3. I tried this same Smart Dimmer last year and could not get it to connect with Google Assistant. It works with the Smart Life App only.

    • Right now, I am working with SmartLife on trying to figure this out. They advertise that this dimmer is Alexa and Google controllable. Alexa sees the device through the SmartLife Skill but reports “Device Unresponsive.” In my last email this morning, SmartLife stated:

      “A Bluetooth mesh gateway is required to connect a Bluetooth mesh device to a third-party smart speaker because the Bluetooth mesh device uses the Bluetooth communications mode and cannot directly communicate with the server. The Bluetooth mesh gateway sends commands from the cloud to the Bluetooth mesh device and reports the Bluetooth mesh device status to the server.”

      I am still determining what a Bluetooth Gateway is, but I am looking into it.

    • Well, the Smart dimmer, while it does work with the App by itself, it does NOT work with the Virtual assistants as advertised. You need a Wireless Bluetooth Gate device to get it to work. The smart dimmer is a Bluetooth-only device, and something else needs to be the “go-between.” I found a Moes Wireless Smart Gateway ( https://amzn.to/3yvrlAP ) on Amazon that did the trick! Luckily the Moes were in the US, and I didn’t have to wait months; unluckily, there were no directions. But it didn’t take me long to figure it out. If you need help, email me.

  4. Long time since I have seen your name around. Back in your Colorado Springs days. Glad you’re still active.

  5. probably the best website I have seen on a model railroad

    • Thank you!


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