The Benchwork & Backdrop

  1. The backdrop has been added with 1/4″ hardboard and painted to a blue I took from a Colorado Mountain photo I shot.
  2. All the decking and foamboard are installed and ready for the track.
  3. I painted the edge of the benchwork to test a few colors and seal it when liquids flow between the facia and the wood during the Scenery process.
  4. I still need to Stain the Legs. It is more to protect them from moisture and make them look a little nicer until the skirting is added.

Dimmable Room Lighting

I added (5) 4ft LED Strip Lighting to the room. Now I know some of you will comment on how bright this makes the room. First, note that these are not permanently installed, so going with a traditional wall dimmer was not an option. I searched for ” dimmable ” LED Strip Lights,” which would be the easiest to install and remove if necessary. These are 0-10v Dimmable (not all LEDs are) and therefore need a 0-10v Controler. Most are wall mounted, and I didn’t want that. So I found this controller at LED Supply (Smart 0-10V Dimmer Kit) for less than $30 that is actually App/Alexa/Google Controlled! This allows me to get them down to about 8%, which is awesome for “Dusk” operating. I only needed one controller, which handles 1000w of lighting, and each strip is 52w.

Update: Mar 11, 2023, Well, the Smart dimmer, while it does work with the App by itself, it does NOT work with the Virtual assistants as advertised. You need a Wireless Bluetooth Gate device to get it to work. The smart dimmer is a Bluetooth-only device, and something else needs to be the “go-between.” I found a Moes Wireless Smart Gateway ( ) on Amazon that did the trick! Luckily the Moes were in the US, and I didn’t have to wait months; unluckily, there were no directions. But it didn’t take me long to figure it out. If you need help, email me.

Temp DCC Electronics

This is a TEMPORARY install for testing. I will be upgrading the area under Buxton to install all the electronics permanently.

  1. I have the NCE PH-Pro installed, as well as the Jack Panels and network cabling.
  2. Circuit breakers, auto switches, etc.
  3. Wireless controller
  4. (2) Hammerheads and a Yard Cab.
  5. Desk Lights & 12v accessory power.

The Proverbial Ceiling Fan

We all know that small second bedrooms typically have a ceiling fan and light combo. We all know that operating in a small room can get “stuffy.” We all know that summer heat can be a beast. We ALSO know that if we put a light behind a fa, you will have an instant Strobe. Not wanting to remove the fan or give someone a seizure, I had to come up with something.

I wondered if, just by chance, someone, somewhere, had clear fan blades. And if so, would they possibly be in the size I needed? Well, leave it to Amazon, and it’s an infinite list of sellers to have ONE! Check them out here: No more strobe effects or shadows and they just look cool.